The right songs in your pocket

How you get the right songs in your pocket

Usually you have two options to refill your iPod with Songs. Normally iTunes sync your iPod with the whole library of songs or you put songs manually on your iPod if it’s connected. I got a little bit tired each time I have to connect my iPod to put some stuff on it, when there was just a lovelly song played by iTunes. Also your Battery health of your iPod gets tired, because modern rechargeable batteries count her life by charge cycles, which means that it costs a cycle if your iPod gets connected and becomes only some seconds of energy, so it’s better to get a full recharge when the batteries are low. Here I will short describe how I manage this, to get the right songs in my pocket.

Manage your songs

imageYou have the possibilty to give your songs a rating by adding some stars. It does help you to give a view over the best pieces you have in your library and on the other hand it’s necessary to sort out, which songs you would have on your iPod.

imageIn iTunes you have the possibility to create smart playlist, they add automatic songs to itself, if they match the rule you have defined. So we make a new smart playlist called for example “_iPod_best_of” and give the smart playlist the following rules. Every song which have a rating greater than zero stars will add to this playlist, make sure that the check box “Live updating” is selected. If you would add additional songs or complete albums to your iPod, create a normal playlist named for example “_iPod_myiPod”.

imageFinally, we must ensure that this two playlist will be synchronised between iPod and iTunes whenever the iPod gets connected, the settings for your iPod and the playlist he should syncronise are since iTunes 7 in the left column, otherwise you find a button at the bottom right corner, when your iPod is connected to iTunes. There’s a panel where you could select the created playlists from your iTunes.

Whenever you listen a lovelly song on your iTunes or you add an album to your library, rate your song or put the new album to the created playlist. Next time, when your iPod is connected, all the right songs get on your iPod and if you are on the way, most iPods could rate every song, so if you no longer want this song on your iPod, rate it with zero stars and next time your iPod gets connected to your iTunes, it disappear from your iPod.

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