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I will give you a leading hand, qualified, well-tried and experienced in the off- as well online media productions and I'm a specialist in the sectors of DTP, PrePress, Colormanagement, image creation and editing as well webpublishing with XHTML, CSS.

Full particulars of my services und works could you find in services and in my portfolio. News from me and my environment could you find in the blog.

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the short cut


How you get the right songs in your pocket

Usually you have two options to refill your iPod with Songs. Normally iTunes sync your iPod with the whole library of songs or you put songs manually on your iPod if it’s connected. I got a little bit tired each time I have to connect my iPod to put some stuff on it, when there was just a lovelly song played by iTunes.…

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Schreib eine Postkarte

An die Jäger und Sammler. Für Freunde der Postkarten. Für Leute die etwas Post in ihrem Briefkasten haben wollen. Ich habe welche zu vergeben.


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